El Vergel

So there is a little change of plans. If you aren’t up on your Costa Rican breaking news, let me fill you in. The very morning before our group was set to leave, a volcano erupted. Which doesn’t sound like a big deal since Costa Rica has many active volcanoes. But actually it is a big deal because I was set to move to Turrialba... 20 or so miles south west of the now active Turrialba volcano. So close to it in fact that they said we wouldn’t even be able to see the volcano if it erupted.

Now there was a lot of discussion and debate over the move. It was probably a more difficult choice than the one to come here in the first place. We were given the option of stay in the Turrialba area and sign a waiver or agree to be placed in an area totally different, unknown to us at the decision-making period. Our director very strongly suggested moving but the four people in the Turrialba area, including myself, had grown to love everything about our placement sites. One student had already bought collars for her families dogs, another had plans already for Spanish classes in town, and my host mom was apparently the best host mom EVER. And on top of that, living where we were, we had the best of both worlds rural and big town. But Mother Nature has different plans. So now, with an open mind, an open heart, and a slightly bum foot, I am moving to… drum roll please… El Vergel!

Here is what I know: El Vergel is located between the Pan American Highway and the beautiful Rio Terraba in the southern region of Costa Rica. I have an AMAZING view from my classroom, which is a converted chicken coop. I plan on doing another fundraiser (or continuing to receive donations ;0) or using some of the money I’ve already raised to start working on a new classroom for my school. My host family is less than amazing but maybe after awhile I will get them out of their shells. I have lots of host brothers and sisters. I have access to a lot because of my closeness to the highway and I am about a 15 minute bus ride away from another volunteer named Will. Giving it time… It’s all about adjustment and flexibility.

Pura Vida
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