When the night has come...

That evening, after returning from the beach, some of us penny pinchers decided it would be great to make sandwiches for dinner…which it was!! I had already bought a loaf of bread for my PB&Js (which were breakfast and lunch the next day) so I was on the right track. As a group we bought some more bread, American cheese, tomatoes, avocadoes, tuna, salsa, and chips. Let me tell you, there are a hundred different was to make tasty sandwiches with those ingredients. My sandwich has tomatoes, cheese, salsa, chips, and avocado. YUM-O! Oh and a 40oz of Imperial to top it all off!

After dinner we all went back to CoCo’s for the live band. They were great. It was like a big cliché, listening to live Caribbean music on the Caribbean, but we loved it. It was also a very special night because Stacey was celebrating her birthday. We asked the man upfront on the mic if he would sing happy birthday to her. And he agreed. So he calls her up to the front and starts to sing, “Stand by me” to her. However, he sang the same verse over and over again. We tried to help him out but “When the night has come…” is apparently his favorite verse. And that’s how the day ended. Very chill.
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