Churros and Beer

So like troopers we head back to the bus stop and back to festival cerca de tres de la tarde. People we just filing in so we sat down, had ourselves a beer and asked around as to what this festival was all about. El Coriendo del Torros. Sounds perfect, what time? A las 5. You should know that asking a Tico what time something starts or when a bus come is like asking a really drunk girl for her phone number. She’ll tell you what she thinks it is, but chances are she’s got a few digits mixed up. 6:30 all the fun begins!
We made some friends with a family sitting next us once we got settled in seats. I asked the father questions about his hat, which said California on it and told me it was a gift from his sister, who he then brought over to explain. “Estaba en Los Angeles central por un semana, y despues Las Vegas.” “Vegas?!” I asked excitedly and she says “Si, VEEEGGAASSS!” YES! It’s not just me! It’s like you can’t talk about it without screaming “VEEEEGGGGAAAASSSSS!” We continue to talk to the family and I mentioned, casually, how yummy those churros that boy was holding looked and I want to go buy one. You know that moment when you realize someone might take what you say as a hint but you didn’t mean it to be? No more than a minute later this man, Jose, gets up, telling his family he is off to get food, he’ll call them when hes down there. I hear the ringing “Quiero comida china. Si, ah si, bueno. Chicas, tomen cervezas?” “Claro que si!” “Bueno.” 2 minutes later we each had a beer in one hand and a churro in the other. Mmm dinner! Very nice people.


So those very nice people, or more so the father of the bunch, turned out to be kind of a stalker! Jose, the churro man, showed up... AT MY CLASSROOM. I was so taken of guard I wasn't sure if I knew him or not. I went outside to chat with him for a minute and see why he was there. "Just was near by, wanted to say hello." ooookkkay. "This is my friend, so and so." "How are you?" Good "But, so, hows it goin?" Alright, teaching class right now. "Everything good?" Yeah, I should probably get back to my job now. "Oh really, wheres your house from here?" Needless to say it was suuuper awkward and kinda inappropriate. I would tell this story to Colleen and she will hardly believe it cause it was sooo random!
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