Señor Grasshopper!

Yes, once again, I have a story about insects of extra-large proportions.

I arrived in Dominical at 3 in the afternoon after a short 2-hr bus ride and had explored around a bit until 8 when my friend Ashley’s bus was to arrive. We were excited to head out and get our drink on, so to speak, but needed to hit up the cash money machine. But, unfortunately, no luck with ATMS. Sometimes they just tap out of money and you have to wait till morning until they are filled back up. And so we did. Ashley walked into the small ATM room and I waited outside. I already knew there were bugs in that room and I didn’t want to go in. So I was counting my blessing about not needing to take out money in that bug-ridden ATM room when I spotted him. Mr. Grasshopper! He followed me all the way to the playa, that jerk! Not a moment’s peace away from his wrath. So, of course, I squealed and moved back, warning Ashley what was right outside the door. But then, as I take a deep breath to subside the panic she says, “They are everywhere Amy, look.” And next to me was the granddaddy of all grasshoppers, Señor Grasshopper! Ashley and I will later describe them all as being man-eating grasshoppers. We counted 6 all together. And while this time we didn’t have cameras to document the size of the grasshoppers, I was able to take one later that I promise you does not do it’s size justice. Man-eating, I swear!
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